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How to increase your happiness and make life more interesting

By: ITHP Staff


If life is a play than our habits are the script.

Eating healthy on a budget

By: Chef Alli Sosna


Chef Alli Sosna gives some helpful tips on eating healthy on a shoe-string budget

How to gain confidence. -Interview with expert

By: ITHP staff


Confidence is knowing that regardless of these challenges, if you learn and work hard, you'll succeed.


Mass shooting and mass media: Does media coverage of mass shootings inspire copycat crimes?

By: Alex Mesoudi Ph.D.


In December 2012, twenty elementary school children and six adult staff members were shot and killed by a single individual at a school in Connecticut. Although this horrific event was met with widespread shock, Americans are sadly all too familiar with such mass shootings.

Will we discover Earth-like planet in 2013? Interview with Abel Méndez

By: ITHP Staff


Humans could very well be within days of discovering the first Earth-like planet thanks in part to brilliant scientists including Abel Méndez.

Is binge drinking worse than daily drinking?

By: Olivier George Ph.D.


Alcohol is a well-known 'social lubricant' used to produce disinhibition in social situations, but at the same time, excessive use produces the most harm to society of all drugs of abuse. The harmful use of alcohol is a global problem, which compromises both individual and social development.