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Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By: ITHP Staff

Dr. Roberts discusses the economy and U.S foreign policy.

Interview with drone expert Mathew Schroyer

By: ITHP Staff

There's no denying that drones will play a crucial role in the future.

How to increase your happiness and make life more interesting

By: ITHP Staff

If life is a play than our habits are the script.

Eating healthy on a budget

By: Chef Alli Sosna

Chef Alli Sosna gives some helpful tips on eating healthy on a shoe-string budget

Interview with George Cockcroft (Luke Rhinehart)

By: ITHP Staff

Interview with George Cockcroft, author of the Dice Man.

Beware of Trader Joe's gluten free label

By: Wilson Blair

The celiacs among us need to be extra cautious when shopping at Trader Joe's.

Who is David Lory VanDerBeek?

By: ITHP staff

Nevada's next governor in 2014?

How to gain confidence. -Interview with expert

By: ITHP staff

Confidence is knowing that regardless of these challenges, if you learn and work hard, you'll succeed.

Christopher Dorner's teachable moment

By: Wilson Blair

So what now? Do we all grab our assault rifles and open season on the LAPD? Not exactly. We need to find a middle ground between killing sprees and Facebook likes.

Mass shooting and mass media: Does media coverage of mass shootings inspire copycat crimes?

By: Alex Mesoudi Ph.D.

In December 2012, twenty elementary school children and six adult staff members were shot and killed by a single individual at a school in Connecticut. Although this horrific event was met with widespread shock, Americans are sadly all too familiar with such mass shootings.

Obama's showmanship overshadows serious debate on gun control

By: Wilson Blair

Obama's announcement Wednesday detailing his plan to "Curb gun violence" was a pathetic display of pandering, utilizing the lowest forms of persuasion chalk full of contradictions and inconsistencies.

Will we discover Earth-like planet in 2013? Interview with Abel Méndez

By: ITHP Staff

Humans could very well be within days of discovering the first Earth-like planet thanks in part to brilliant scientists including Abel Méndez.

Denver's first private marijuana club, Club 64 opens

By: Jack Franklin

It seems like just yesterday when naïve iPhone yielding highschool girls frowned at the site of socially rebellious youth passing a neatly rolled marijuana cigarette.

Chemtrails and Hoodoos

By: Wilson Blair

It's rare that you get a chance to see nature in all its tear educing majesty and simultaneously see the gutter of the human parasite. It's a dichotomy that is so ridiculous on face that the only logical thing to do in such a moment is to laugh out loud.

Is binge drinking worse than daily drinking?

By: Olivier George Ph.D.

Alcohol is a well-known 'social lubricant' used to produce disinhibition in social situations, but at the same time, excessive use produces the most harm to society of all drugs of abuse. The harmful use of alcohol is a global problem, which compromises both individual and social development.


Is Chipotle bad for your health? Interview with expert.

By: ITHP Health

Registered Dietitian Timaree Hagenburger breaks down the health impacts of the Chipotle Burrito. Frat Bro's pay close attention!

How the stock market works. Interview with investment expert

By: ITHP Staff

ITHP got the opportunity to interview Dan and ask several questions we felt countless people have always desired to have answered. If you came here looking to learn more about the market you're in the right place!

5 reasons why the news is bad for you

By: ITHP Staff

If you still want to read the news after exposing yourself to this list please don't for your own mental well being. If however you really can't go without it just make sure you only go to our homepage to get your news ( We filter out 99.7% of the junk and only give you the stuff that matters.

The greatest generation?

By: Unwelcome Perspective

I hate old people. Not on a personal level, but because they have saddled my generation with an insurmountable wall of debt, a voluminous library of retarded laws, and a political system that represents the people about as effectively as Al Sharpton represents black people.

Lobbying, media, and the 2012 election--Interview with Jack Abramoff

By: ITHP Staff

Jack Abramoff's rollercoaster life story might as well be a major motion picture. In fact, it is. Dubbed on the cover of Time Magazine as the "Man Who Bought Washington", Abramoff rose to become the nation's most successful and prominent lobbyist, before becoming enmeshed in the most harrowing political scandal since Watergate.

Time Warner using shooting tragedy to boost Batman sales?

By: Jack Franklin

What happens when a major news conglomerate that also happens to produce major motion pictures realizes they can use utilize a massacre to promote a new Hollywood blockbuster? Answer: You start wearing a bulletproof vests to the movies

Efficient market plus dumb people equals imminent destruction

By: Unwelcome Perspective

What is wrong with our markets? Unwelcome Perspective has the answer.

How the U.S news media works -Interview with journalist Lori Harfenist

By: ITHP Staff

Journalist Lori Harfenist shares her views on the mainstream media, American politics, and the future of news media

Obama and Romney: The lesser of two pussies

By: Unwelcome Perspective

In his tradmark hard hitting yet hilarious style, Unwelcome Perspective makes the case for dumping party good 'ol boys Obama and Romney.

Do Chemtrails exist? Interview with chemtrail expert Mick West

By: ITHP Staff

Fascinating and surprising interview with chemtrail expert Mick West.

Kony 2012 director continues masturbating

By: Unwelcome Perspective

The entire Kony 2012 documentary was Jason Russell masturbating in public; albeit with his penis still in his pants (although it's possible it was out during the narration).

The Conspiracy Theorist's Dictionary

By: James Terry

In order to peacefully live with and do business with conspiracy theory lunatics, we've compiled a complete list of vocabulary words that conspiracy junkies use on a daily basis which a normal citizen may understand in a totally different way!

Freedom Watch dropped by Fox

By: Wilson Blair

One torch carrier of freedom there anyone else left?